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Do you need staff? You can contact us for motivated employees who would like to work for you. They are willing to learn the trade and do their very best. We think along with you and do everything we can to help develop a successful employment relationship.

Our integration process ensures that. We do this through an effective combination of language and civic integration lessons, teaching employee skills, intensive guidance to the labor market and additional government-recognized vocational training.

We have close contact with you as an employer to ensure that the employee becomes a valuable asset to your company.

How it works

Together with you as an employer, we look at what tasks the status holder could perform for you. We also discuss the progress and development of the status holder during regular consultation moments. These points are included in his training package. In this way, the status holder develops further in his position. An appropriate remuneration and career plan are determined on the basis of his capabilities and range of duties.

Result recognition quality

A status holder who works with pleasure and success.

Our courses are accredited by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and we have the Blik op Werk quality mark.

Our offer meets the highest quality requirements. Our quality officer keeps up with developments in the field. Our offer therefore remains innovative and of high quality. We also guarantee quality through internal and external audits, carried out by recognized parties.

Are you interested in the possibilities?

Feel free to contact us!

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