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Start in June 2021 and get your integration diploma, your mbo-diploma and a steady job within 1 jaar

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The latest developments in integration.

Why Impire

Personal and caring

iMpire Opportunity Center is a socially involved organization. Our goal is to help asylum seekers build their lives in the Netherlands. We do this by guiding you from beginning to end with a course and a job that really fits your needs.

Aknowledged institute

We are accredited by the Ministry of Education, Culture en Science. We also have the Blik op werk quality mark.

Job preparation

One of the things you need in order to build your life is work. We help you to enter the labor market.Your ambitions and possibilities is our drive. We look for the employer and the work that suit you.

Multiple locations & startdates

We have several locations throughout the Netherlands. There is always a location near you where you can start quickly.

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