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Work with status holders

Do you want your status holders to withdraw from social assistance and to work? Do you want successful integration of your status holders?

Our integration process ensures that. We do this through an effective combination of language and civic integration lessons, teaching employee skills, intensive guidance to the labor market and additional government-recognized vocational training.

How it works

The status holder receives a personal plan based on his learning profile, his level of knowledge, his ambitions and possibilities. The integration lessons go hand in hand with integration into practice: with us, the status holder is introduced to the Dutch labor market immediately at the start of his program by doing an internship or doing (voluntary) work that offers the prospect of a job. Competences that are still missing are identified in good time and added to his personal program.

The status holder receives a mentor who will personally supervise him. In addition, he gets a buddy with whom he can spar with extra.
The lessons are taught by qualified and experienced NT2 teachers.

Result recognition quality

A status holder who works with pleasure and success.

Our courses are accredited by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and we have the Blik op Werk quality mark.

Our offer meets the quality requirements. Our quality officer keeps up with developments in the field. We also guarantee quality through internal and external audits, carried out by recognized parties.

We offer

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